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Pandora Hope and Loki

Pandora with Loki, the spectacular muse of Writers’ Ark. Loki is currently a kitten, and is likely to hit lynx-size as an adult. And yes, his eyes really do GLOW….

Writers’ Ark is a resource centre for aspiring writers and the blog of Pandora Hope and Sean McMullen. Pandora and Sean have worked in a diverse range of publishing/writing related industries and thought it would be a great idea to put their experiences and what they learnt from them together in a website—hence the birth of Writers’ Ark.

Sean is one of Australia’s most respected science fiction and fantasy writers, with over twenty books, close to a hundred short stories and fifteen national and international awards to his credit. He was also runner-up in the 2011 Hugo awards for his story ‘Eight Miles.’

Pandora has worked as an editor, a copywriter, a content writer, designer, a science writer and a publishing manager supervising a team of designers and editors. She moonlights as a runologist and volva (a Norse witch), and is working on her first novel based on her experiences in the world of Norse paganism.


More about Sean…

Sean McMullen lives in Melbourne, but has been published mostly in the USA and Europe. He has had twenty books and eighty stories published, has won fifteen awards, and has been shortlisted for the Hugo and BSFA awards. His writing is darkly humorous, fast paced and often steampunk in theme. His breakthrough novel, Souls in the Great Machine (Tor, 1999), features a future Australia ruled by a caste of psychopathic librarians and administered by a human powered computer and internet. His most recent books were the collections Ghosts of Engines Past (Reanimus, 2013) and Colours of the Soul (Reanimus, 2013). Sean is credited with helping define Australian genre fiction, jointly writing the first histories of Australian science fiction, fantasy and horror, and winning awards for all three works. He has a PhD in medieval fantasy literature, and is a karate instructor at the Melbourne University club. Before he became an author, Sean sang in the Victorian State Opera, and various early music groups and folk-rock bands.

Sean McMullen at the World Con in Glasgow

Sean McMullen speaking at the 2005 World Con. in Glasgow

For more information about Sean see Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean_McMullen
and his website http://www.seanmcmullen.net.au






Sean’s books can be purchased in various formats on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sean-McMullen/e/B001H6ER1Y

More about Pandora…

Most of the time Pandora lives in exotic Svalbard and exchanges mead and Norse sagas with passing Vikings. She is physically located in Australia, however, and has worked in advertising/design/publishing/editing and non-fiction writing. She has an English (Hons) major from Melbourne University, advertising qualifications from RMIT university and duxed the industry-run Copy School.

Rune witch

Pandora presenting a Rune workshop at the Witch House in Melbourne

Neil Gaiman’s clarion call to ‘Make Good Art’ and a life-changing rune reading urged Pandora to abandon practical, bill-paying employment and devote her time to studying runology and Norse sagas, and  writing fiction.
She responded with alacrity, abandoning the corporate world to start writing a fantasy novel based on Norse mythology. Her first short story, ‘The Ferry Man’, was accepted by Interzone UK and will be published in January 2015.

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