‘She Walks in Shadows’ arrives in Australia

My first story in an anthology :-)

‘Eight Seconds’: my first story in an awesome, illustrated anthology :-)

Pandora Hope|10 January 2016

Pivotal moments in a normal life: birth, graduation, first tax return, shacking up, nappies, the end. Pivotal moments in a writer’s life: your first rejection slip, your first published story in a magazine, your second rejection slip (more depressing than the first), your first story in a great, big, fat, gorgeous anthology bulging with writers  you’ve been following with awe and envy…

It’s happened. ‘She Walks in Shadows’ has just hit Australian shores and I’m holding a copy in my hot little hands (it’s always hot here, so I’m trying not to get sweat smears on the gorgeous cover.) I check the contents page for the tenth time to make sure my name is really there. Yep. ‘Eight Seconds’ by Pandora Hope. It’s still there, snuggled amongst the stories of some of my favourite dark fantasy and horror writers.

So the world holds its breath. Nobody else notices, but I do. In the age of online publishing, there is something special about holding a beautiful book in your hands. Especially one with your story in it.

'Eight Seconds' by Pandora Hope in 'She Walks in Shadows' anthology

‘Eight Seconds’ by Pandora Hope in ‘She Walks in Shadows’ anthology

‘Eight Seconds’ is about a kick-arse female rodeo rider in outback Australia. It’s not typical of the stuff I write and I thought it was pretty much a long shot. When I got the acceptance email I had to flap my hands and get second opinion to make sure I’d read it right. It’s my second acceptance, and I still haven’t got the hang of gracious savoir faire. Maybe I never will—and maybe that’s a good thing.

This is what makes the rejections, the blank pages, the angsty ‘tear your hair out’ days all worth it.  Okay, I admit it, there are rare days only the writing matters and you really don’t care if your work is published or not—but those days are called ‘rare’ for a reason. Not being a yogi, I’m more usually found in the frustration zone than the flow zone. But zones and zen are subjects for another post…I’ve got to check that contents page again. Just one more time…

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