‘The Ferry Man’ by Pandora Hope in Interzone (January 2015)

Pandora Hope|4 January 2015

I loved writing this story. Having overdosed on vampires, werewolves, witches and angels, it was wonderful to explore the little-known mythology of the Norse succubus, the huldra. Rather than robbing their victims of blood, succubi survive on the life-force of their victims, a concept I thought had fascinating parallels with human relationships. I’ve studied runology and Norse mythology for five years now, and find it endlessly fascinating. I hope this story inspires readers to explore the myths and legends of the true lands of ice and fire.
The story is published by TTA publishing in issue 256 of Interzone,  January 2015. The link to the magazine is http://ttapress.com/shop/
For anyone interested in the less well-known aspects of rune lore and Norse mythology, my Facebook page contains more information.

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6 thoughts on “‘The Ferry Man’ by Pandora Hope in Interzone (January 2015)

  1. Emma Borghese

    I just read and loved this story. Maggie May was so cool but I’d love to know more about the wife! (I guessed she was a huldra). Are you thinking about doing a prequel story. You might not remember me but I attended your rune workshop and know that that you are writing a Norse novel. Hows that going? Am really looking forward to reading it.

    1. admin Post author

      Emma I remember how much I enjoyed those workshops and was amazed how much people were interested in Norse mythology and runes in particular. I’m currently concentrating on writing a ‘Norse-based’ novel, so I probably won’t be doing more short stories in the near future. But here’s a clue: you’re right about Elsa being a huldra, but don’t forget that there are also male huldrafolk…bit of a give away about the relationship between Elsa and her husband!

  2. Marya Yelinskaya

    Hi, just wanted to stay how much I liked your story. I don’t usually like science fiction that much but this was like real life with a dash of magic in it. Really nice. I’m always looking for Norse stories, hope you write more.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Marya. Norse mythology is a bit of an obsession with me, and I’m currently writing a novel using Norse myth settings and characters. I will be posted here once I finish it :-)

  3. John Pirillo

    The succubus fantasy or legend is not as far from reality as most think. It is commonly believed by those who practice spirituality…a benign and loving form of belief in God as a loving father and teacher…that when humans cross over after death, some go into the Light and some remain on earth. The ones who remain on earth do so because they are either afraid or ignorant of going into the Light.

    The majority of them seek to be physical again, so the overlay living humans and use them as a power source to have energy and over time actually affect and manipulate that human’s body as if it were their own.

    It’s a sad statement in many ways, because it shows that most people really can’t stop being selfish even when they die and have a chance to be with the Creator, who doesn’t punish, bu teaches through the gift of many lifetimes to learn our lessons.


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